Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paleo Challenge 30 Day Count Down

It's hard to believe it's been 60 days into our Paleo food challenge. To my surprise the time has flown by and just 30 days to go. With the help of the Against All Grains cookbook I have been able to keep the menus exciting and delicious. For some sample food ideas see my previous post. 

What I do miss the most is eating out. One reward meal a week definately helps with those cravings. Chocolate is still my weekness and I hope to do much better resisting the temptation of a piece here and there these last 30 days. 

I have lost over 10 lbs of fat, two dress sizes, continue to build muscle and can run under a 10 min mile for 4 miles. My focus is to build muscle. At 5'8 and 130lbs I feel my focus is best served toning muscle and endurance. To my surprise after two kids in a little over two years my core strength is severly lacking. So phase II is from fat loss to strength. Flat abs here I come. :)

Persistence not Perfection

Warriors never quit at the end! So 5-6 days at the gym doing yoga, cycling, no limits circuit, and running. Thankfully I have an incredible friend that I workout with that will keep me accountable. 

Keys To Sucess

Food Planning
Precooked Food - I keep the following food prepped in my fridge for snacks and lunches: baked cubed chicken, cooked ground turkey, boiled eggs, steamed carrots and green beans, baked sweet potatoes, turkey lunch meat, and lots of fresh fruit.

Nuts - Nuts are full of protein and healthy fats. Keep some in your car or purse for convenient snacks or an after work out refuel. 

Seasoning - experiment with new seasonings, fresh herbs, olives and other toppings for fish and meats. A nice red wine vinegar is a favorite at our house.

Cook Fruit - Craving something sweet and healthy, try sautéed sliced peaches or banana in butter or coconut oil. Cooking fruit brings out their sweetness.

Keep Your Fridge Stocked - Sounds pretty obvious, but when life gets buy and you don't plan ahead you can walk to the fridge to find their isn't anything to eat and that temptation to go fast food our processed food it there {that Mac n Cheese looks too good}.

Giving someone the permission to keep you accountable and encourage you is powerful. I have discovered I don't do well working out alone so I have a friend I workout with and join in group classes.

Positive Environment
What you fill your mind with will come to pass. I choose to listen to positive music, write down powerful and encouraging phrases {Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and It always seems impossible until it's done}. Watch fitness shows or inspirig movies. Keep your mental focus by focusing on your end goal. So if healthy eating and fitness is a goal, hanging out with people that have that do amd lifestyle helps.

Set Realistic Goals
This can be so hard to do. Making them challenging to stretch  you, but not too hard so they are impossible to reach. I have found start with a very short term goal and see if you can reach it the first two weeks, then adjust from there.

Reward Yourself
Aside from the weekly treat meal, we are attending a wedding out of state and the reward is to get all dressed up for the party and enjoy the weekend almost kid free. A healthy body is really the ultimate reward, but a new sexy dress and heals isn't too bad. 

Please note that I am so far from being an expert at this, but thought if I just encouraged one person in their goal then it was worth sharing my experience. 

It's Your Life, Are You Who You Want To Be?