Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring in Houston, Texas

Spring is in full bloom in our southern state. Out with the damp chill humid days and into the gorgeous low humid 70's and 80's. This is my favorite time of Houston's climate change. No longer running from air conditioned room to air conditioned car. Get those jogging shoes out and enjoy this gift from the Lord! Houston does have a beauty all its own and it is beautiful when you seek it out. Below are some photos I took in April before a photo shoot I had. Just think how many colors God has in his paint bucket. The hues and the patterns are lovely. Even the insects have their own special markings. I hope that you enjoy God's creation where ever you may be. You never know when lady bug or butterfly may pass by.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moments that Change your Heart

My best friend Brittney and her husband Ryan have had the most amazing year. They have celebrated new beginnings with their son Micah. This little guy is such a joyful baby... he is so observant and laughs with the most precious crinkle in his little nose. He has the ablity to make you feel so incredibley special when he smiles. I thank you Lord, for crossing my path with Brittney's. My life will never be the same. The Toliver Family will always have a place in my heart.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Most of you know I workout at Bayou City Crossfit with my friend Katherine and my trainer Katie. We have been working on strength conditioning and the kip pull up. Last Friday I met a specific goal I have been working on for about 6 months. Major progress, I was able to do 3 kipping pull ups in a row with out the assistance of a resistance band! That was such a victory for me, since I have struggled with upper body strength since my younger years working on project with my dad.

Wow.... it is amazing what sweat and tears will transform into.

A saying that is often said at Bayou City Crossfit which I totally identify with is.... Love/Hate Relationship and That was horrible, when can I come back for more.

A BIG thank you to Katie and Katherine, for encouraging when didn't think I could struggle through another round of pull ups.

P.S. Crossfit is having a self-defense class this Saturday for ladies. Let me know if you are interested in, I will be there.

Goals and Change

I am very excited to see what changes are ahead of me. This year I have many goals in the back of my mind that I would like achieve before year end. By posting them to my blog I hope to get the accountability I need to keep me moving forward.

1. Bible in 90 Days Program
My Tuesday morning bible study group have been working through the bible to read the entire thing in 90 days. This has proved to be a challenging but rewarding endeavour. By reading 12 pages each day we should be complete by the second week in May.

2. Healthy Body
The last three years I have been focused on being slim and trim, but the last 6+ months I have changed my focus to being healthy. There is a big difference. I am putting my focus on both the food I am putting into my body and the fitness training. Food includes fresh fruit & vegetables, meats and nuts (Paleo Menu). Fitness training includes both cardio and strength training. CONSISTENCY is the real challenge, so my goal is the have 4-5 fitness sessions eat week. Jake and I plan to have our first child next year (God willing) and a healthy body is the best thing that will help with any implications from my scoliosis.

3. Family Cookbook
Cooking has always played such an important role in my family history. With my both sides of my family being from such countries as France, Italy, Germany and Sweden there are some amazing recipes to be shared. I would love to preserve these recipes into a cookbook so that my future children and my nephews will always have this to pass down. So far I have over 100 recipes that need to be reviewed and photographed. The big challenge is cooking each dish so that I may have a photograph. As this endeavor is great, I will be cutting back my portrait and outdoor photography this year.

A big thank you to all my family and friends that are praying for me and encouraging me as I boldly step out. It is with great excitement I share these posts of progress and challenge.