Friday, June 7, 2013

Faith Building Trust

This year has been quite the change for the Juker household. We were presented with a job opportunity which allowed us to move from Houston to Colorado Springs. This was a huge answer to prayer since we wanted to be closer to family with a new baby. A lot had to fall into place including selling the Houston home at a premium price in a buyers market, so that we could afford to purchase a home in pricey Colorado. This required a lot of trust that God was going to provide and direct every detail. If you have ever sold your home, the process is very stressful... keeping your house clean with children and pets for showings, discerning if an offer on the table is the best one and then crossing your fingers it will all go through day of closing so you can purchase the next home. Yes it was all so stressful which I regret to say my faith didn't prevail as I had hoped. We didn't get a substantial offer until the day before we were going to move to Colorado! I include these details because even though I wasn't as faithful as I could have been, God was! My husband turned over every house in the Springs looking for a home that I would LOVE. He did it! Found a house in our budget in the mountains, with a dream kitchen, walk in closet with chandelier, wood floors and open floor plan with grand window with a view of the city tucked away on a private lot. A true miracle...Yep we found THE house, but God had different plans. My sweetie interviewed and got a major promotion which required a relocation to Denver. I was so torn with excitement about the promotion and broken hearted about my dream house. Yes, the house is only a thing, but for a stay at home mom that loves to entertain it is a big thing.
So here is my point. When faced with change, disappoint and questions of why, choose to trust God's MASTER plan. God loves to show off His love for us. Let Him, by handing over the outcome. I don't know what we will be able to find in the even more expensive Denver area, but I know it will be just right for us. Just like when God rescued the Isrealites from slavery He hardened Pharaoh's heart so that He could show off His love and glory to them. He went the long way to show His miracles which had the great purpose of growing their faith.

Does it seem like God is taking you the long way to get to where you are going? It is with great care and purpose that He leads you there. Be encouraged precious one that you are loved and He is working all the details for your good. Let go of the control and trust Him. It is much easier that way and you may witness the miracle of you trusting God and LOVING it.

Each day I have to hand over this house thing to Him. Trusting that our apartment days are soon coming to an end and my faith will be HUGE at the end of it.

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