Thursday, June 5, 2014

Juker 90 Day Challenge

I am delighted to say we have survived the 3 month mark with our new baby girl. It's when babies begin to sleep through the night (or almost), smile from ear to ear, and become more independent. After 9 months of packing on 35 lbs and loosing muscle it's time to melt back down. I have a wedding to attend in Dallas Labor Day weekend which is about 90 days away. Perfect motivation to start the 90 day count down!

• Paleo Eating/Caveman Diet
• Cardio and Lifting 5 days/wk
• One Reward Meal/wk

• Muscle Tone and Flat Tummy
• Increase Energy Level
• Drop 2 Dress Sizes

I am excited about this challenge, but a little intimidated by the commitment. Lots of what ifs go through my mind... What if I can't do it? What if I quit before the 90 days is up? The most important question is what if I DO complete the challenge. After delivering two children in the last two years I have lost a little piece of me as an individual. Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mommy to my blessings from The Lord. Snuggling with them and cheering them on through each new development challenge, but it's easy to pour out everything you have and all of a sudden wake up and wonder who you are besides a mom. I almost feel guilty even saying that, but I want my girls to see that it's important to have balance and be healthy. So here we go... Jake and I are putting our biggest effort into this. Things to remember when taking on a challenge: accountability, realistic expectations and PLANNING.

Meal planning is so important. I will be posting some of my meals here incase you may need some ideas too.

Breakfast this morning: two eggs, some turkey, avocado and a couple olives. It's important with Paleo to eat healthy fats each day which will help you feel full. 

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